This is some cool stuff: Reality augmenting contact lenses are nearly possible!

Researchers from the University of Washington are trialing mockups of the lenses on bunnies, using lens with integrated metal circuits, with no problems up to 20 minutes of wear. The lenses are like older gas permeable lenses except with independently fabricated microcomponents like, biosensors and circuits. Embedded in the lenses are hundreds of LEDs to form images and semi-transparent optoelectronics like antennas.

University of Washington Associate Professor of Biotechnology Babak A. Parviz says:-

All the basic technologies needed to build functional contact lenses are in place. We've tested our first few prototypes on animals, proving that the platform can be safe. What we need to do now is show all the subsystems working together, shrink some of the components even more, and extend the RF power harvesting to higher efficiencies and to distances greater than the few centimeters we have now.

Source: IEEE Spectrum