Cold, hard cash and other tender is such a pest - that's why electronic money cards are becoming more popular in Japan. An online survey showed that out of 2,250 Tokyo shoppers, over half prefer to use the e-money cards.

In fact, there are "over 130 million e-money cards issues," which amounts to "more than enough for Japan's estimated population of 127 million citizens." But why are only half of the population using the prepaid e-money cards when there is more than enough for everyone out there? Somebody must be hogging them.

But it's easy to see why someone would snatch these cards up: they're like magic! While they function like prepaid debit cards, e-money cards (Suica, Edy Cards and similar) are contactless smart cards which just need to be waved at a kiosk, vending machine or terminal. This is similar to the RFID tech found in some credit cards in the US, but more commonly accepted overseas.

[via Gizmodo]