David McCandless created this graphic to show us how many nukes we will need to obliterate every single human being on the planet, with one blast.

According to the Guardian Datablog and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the human population occupies only 12.5% of the planet's surface or a total of 18,617,500 square kilometers.

Our most powerful active nuclear warhead is the B83, which has a destructive power of two hundred Little Boys (The bomb that destroyed part of Hiroshima) which totals up to a 14.9-square-kilometers of destruction area.

Divide the total number of square kilometers by the destruction radius of the B83 and there you have it - the number of nukes required for instant annihilation. As the graphic suggests, we need 123.36 times the amount of nukes available today (10,227 nukes vs the needed 1,241,166 nukes).