Nitrous is apparently able to destroy a lot more of your brain cells according to a study in Science. Its also the leading cause of ozone layer destruction!

According to geochemist A.R. Ravishankara, "manmade nitrous oxide is now the elephant in the room among ozone-depleting substances." Its got more damaging properties on the upper atmosphere than any other form of emission.

According to their study, nitrous oxide is dangerous because it comes from natural sources as well as human-made ones:

Nitrous oxide is emitted from livestock manure, sewage treatment, combustion and certain other industrial processes. Dentists use it as a sedative (so-called "laughing gas"). In nature, bacteria in soil and the oceans break down nitrogen-containing compounds, releasing nitrous oxide. About one-third of global nitrous oxide emissions are from human activities. Nitrous oxide, like chlorofluorocarbons, is stable when emitted at ground level, but breaks down when it reaches the stratosphere to form other gases, called nitrogen oxides, that trigger ozone-destroying reactions.

via Science

Image via CelebrateNothing.