In the latest absurd crackdown, China is threatening to send people to jail for sending seductive messages to each other.

Henan province promises a lockup of "up to five days" for one message, or ten days for 3 messages.

"I'm totally for the rules. It's uncomfortable to get dirty text messages from male friends and even more gross when they are from strangers," Zhang Kai, 26, told the daily.

How would they know unless the government monitors sexy language. But as everyone knows, innuendo can be an important vehicle of suggestion. Which suggests why over 480 meetings were held to discuss this.

Since July 10, Shenze party officials have held 480 meetings to discuss the harmful effects of obscene messages, a degree of dedication that has been questioned by the public, the People's Daily said.

"It's not necessary to hold 480 meetings on this. This is an enormous waste of administrative resources," an Internet user named Han Haoyue was quoted as saying.

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