Scientists are studying the scent of sweat from terrified people that cause them to be how they are when frightened. Researchers also want to synthesize vats of the fear inducing sweat chemicals.

New Scientist writes:

The researchers do, however, have suspicions about what the active chemical might be. The steroid androstadienone is the primary suspect, and [lead researcher Lilianne] Mujica-Parodi's team say it plans to synthesise it.

"I'm not naïve about the fact that some people will look at this study and say it was irresponsible," says Mujica-Parodi. There are obvious ethical issues about synthesising a chemical that could induce fear in other people, and the group's early research was funded by the US military.

This sounds like very serious stuff here. Imagine what people would do if they get their hands on this?

via New Scientist