Zero-emission concept bike powered by electric motors.

Electricity-powered motorcycles offer budding designers a new frame to work with. Since these bikes don’t require a fuel tank, the space can be allowed for other systems or possibly can be used to change the overall look of a motorcycle. That’s what Maarten Timmer, a young designer at the Delft University of Technology is doing. Maarten has unveiled a stunning concept motorcycle dubbed VertiGO, which utilizes the additional space to perfection.

The VertiGO concept features a cantilevered tail and saddle that is attached to the underside of the showy gas tank. The ingenuity of the designer is clearly displayed in the look of the bike. We’re not too sure on the power the electric motors on the bike churn out, but considering the looks and the time Maarten would have spent in the designing of the bike, we don’t expect it to be a sluggish machine as well.

Via: AutoBlogGreen