Scooter powered by electric motors.

From cars to aircraft, electricity seems to get enough to power even the most power intensive engines that are in operation today. The reasons for this rise in electric engines are their green credentials and the low cost of electricity when compared with conventional fossil fuels.

KLD Energy Technologies is another company that is working on ways to integrate electric engines into two-wheelers, which are more suited for inner city travel, where city lanes are always congested with cars. The company has started taking orders for a new transmission-less electric motor scooter, which is based on the company’s latest Neue electric motor.

According to the company, this new motor uses an innovative nano-crystalline composite material that conducts energy far more efficiently than traditional iron-core motors. The latest electric scooter from the company utilizes this technology for a top speed of about 65mph. The scooter is available for $3,288.

Via: MatterNetwork