An ecofriendly house is not just a pride for the owner but also a smart way to curb electricity bills. It is a step toward conservation of the environment. But please don’t misunderstand my statement. Conservation of the environment does not mean that we have to sacrifice on the luxuries of any modern-day house. The list below will surely make you reconsider your views on a green house and induce an urge for you to own one.

· Camelback House: Running on solar energy

Graft Architect’s innovative house is based on camelback shotgun typology. The house is made up of two prefabricated units. The power is generated by the photovoltaic array mounted on the roof, making it a perfect choice for the ones in hunt for a modular green house.

· Kokopo House: Eco friendly, luxurious abode

Encompassing the modern day luxuries into a green house has not been a difficult task for Enter Architecture. It is an off-grid house utilizing renewable sources of energy. Rain water is harvested on the rooftop and solar energy is utilized to heat the water. The walls are designed in a geometric fashion to allow ventilation in a natural manner.

· Zero energy house: Sounds bizarre

This zero energy home designed by Graft Lab is made of sustainably-sourced silicone glass fabric. The material allows reflection of light, keeping the interiors cool. The house is also equipped with a water recycling system.

· Solar sheep: A self-sufficient dwelling

A commendable blend of technology with biology, this modular portable house by BIOS Architects adapts itself to the changing climate. The bamboo structure generates solar energy and also harvests rainwater. There is provision for gray water treatment.

· The mkSolaire smart home: A contemporary green house

This is an urban dwelling with no compromises on comfort. The smart home includes a solar electricity generator, a water harvesting system and a lush green roof. The windows are positioned in a manner which makes the interiors bright and airy.

· Walking House: A house powered by solar energy

This weird-looking walking house can be the house of the future. This mobile house does not have any power connections and runs solely on solar and wind energy. There is a composting toilet system which makes the house even more eco-friendly.

· Eco-igloo: The aquatic house

The eco-igloo floats on a large concrete platform along the water’s edge. The eco-igloo can be built in only seven days, making it a choice of many. The sun-tracking screen consisting of 21 solar panels harness the solar energy the whole day in the same way as sunflowers do.

· Ecofriendly house making the neighbors smile:

The Solarsmith building firm has crafted this house with the greenest design possible. There are 20 rooftop solar panels which generate enough electricity not just for the house but for the neighbors as well. The house is positioned in a manner to tap the passive solar heat as well. The concept of thermal envelop is also applied to keep the interiors at a nominal temperature.

· Eco Capsule: The home of the future

This sustainable house concept by Nice Architects will take us to the stone age. This can be used both as a mobile and a stationary house. The house is self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and waste. The energy needs are fulfilled by the solar and wind energy generators. There is a reservoir at the top for the collection of rainwater. A water recycling plant and a solid waste composting plant are located below the structure.

Push button house: House in a can

There is a box and when a button is pushed, within 90 seconds you see a full-fledged five room house. Another amazing fact is that the house is completely eco-friendly, as it is made up of recycled or recyclable materials.