Energy-efficient intelligent house helps you save £300 annually.

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have developed an innovative home that caters to the owner’s specific needs and carelessness too, simply by evolving and adapting itself according to the requirements. The InterHome will be showcased at the finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup, which is currently underway.

The prototype home has been developed inside a doll’s house, but the integrated systems can be put to use in a more conventional home as well. The InterHome features an innovative touchscreen user control panel that also allows the owner to monitor the home using web browsers, windows-based mobile phones and any SMS-capable mobile phone.

The intelligent home learns the routine of its owner and accordingly takes care of the house. It monitors each and every electrical appliance present in the home and checks if any appliance is left on when nobody is at home or if the appliance isn’t actually being used. If someone breaks into the house or if the doors haven’t been properly locked, the intelligent systems incorporated in the design text the owner to allow him to reprogram the system. Collectively the system can help a normal homeowner to save more than £300 each year in energy savings.

Via: Physorg