High-density flexible battery to revolutionize renewable energy systems.

Infinite Power Solutions has developed a new range of flexible batteries that can herald a new era of even slimmer electronics. The tiny, rechargeable thin-film batteries offer the same energy density as conventional batteries and a large discharge current similar to supercapacitors. The company claims that at a size of just 0.5-square-inches and a thickness of a mere 0.01 inch, the batteries are currently the most powerful.

The batteries are destined to give some tough time to lithium coin cells and other thin-film batteries available today. The THINERGY Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) has been developed in four variants, which differ in power specifications. The thin, flexible battery can be incorporated into compact devices such as autonomous wireless sensors.

With no liquid or organic polymer electrodes uses, the batteries can be recharged and hence reused for a longer period of time without any change in the batteries’ storage capacity. The company claims that a MEC will only lose 1% of its charge over a year on standby mode and can be used in applications involving energy generation and storage from evolving sources of renewable energy such as solar, kinetic and thermoelectric energy.

Via: Gizmag