Wireless sensors powered by metabolic energy of trees.

With the rise in the average temperature, forest fires are becoming an ever-increasing threat to the delicate ecosystem of the planet. Not only do such fires account for billions of dollars in losses, they disturb the wild life as hundreds of animals and birds are killed along with thousands or even more trees. Voltree Power thinks that they’ve struck the bull’s eye with an ingenious sensor system that detects forest fires and warns a central monitoring station, which can then tackle the fire before it gets out of control.

Using low-power radio transceivers, sensors and Voltree’s patented bioenergy-harvesting technology, the company has devised new lightweight sensors that can be installed in a mesh in forests. The sensors monitor air-temperature, relative humidity, voltage and are capable of generating alerts in the event of a fire. Once conditions get worse and there is a drastic increase in the ambient temperature, the sensors send signals from one unit to the other until they reach the central monitoring station, where monitoring individuals can do the needful.

Image Credit: Flickr [Used under a creative commons license]

Via: Voltree Power [Press Release]