Electrically propelled Eco Yacht generates solar and wind electricity.

London-based Rainsford Mann Design has unveiled their latest design, the 80m Eco Yacht that is a result of the company’s in-house study of the potential technologies that can lower the environmental impact of sailing. Apart from considering the environmental impact of yachts, the Eco Yacht has been designed with several luxury features as well.

The Eco Yacht is driven electrically by Azipull Thrusters, which are charged by ultra-efficient generators. The yacht also carries 100sqm of PV modules and a vertical axis wind turbine that collectively generate 30KW of green electrical power that is used to run the vessel’s low-power LED lighting systems.

The vessel uses solar heating panels to absorb sun’s heat, which is used in the absorption chiller to reduce the air temperature inside the vessel, while natural ventilation and air drawn in through shaded seawater helps reduce the load on the vessel’s air conditioning systems.

To further reduce the environmental impact of the vessel, a the Eco Yacht is equipped with a Sky Sail system that can be deployed to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50% on open water by harnessing the power of wind at altitudes up to 300m above sea level. In addition to the green credentials, the Eco Yacht allows accommodation for up to 13 people in luxurious surroundings.

Via: Synfo