Just before various other brands released their solar-powered phones, ZTE has released the Coral-200-Solar phone back in February. The Coral-200-Solar is a low-cost solar phone sold for just $40 - a steal considering the solar panel on its back panel in and of itself is already expensive. ZTE might be taking it a step ahead though - the company has revealed in an interview with Register Hardware that it is thinking of releasing solar-powered phone installed with a Google Android OS. To be exact, ZTE will be releasing an Android-powered handset on 2010 - what's still in question is whether it will be attached with a solar panel. ZTE Sales Director Wu Sa who confirmed the release of the Android cell phone mysteriously hinted that it "could be solar-powered." Since they already have a similar prior product and hence, the production capabilities, it will be easy for ZTE to come up with an Android solar phone. While the possibility exists, ZTE is reportedly not leaving any stone unturned, and studying closely how the combination of a solar panel and the Google Android OS can affect the phone's eco-friendly features. TreeHugger notes that the Android already has a handful of relevant apps available that could ultimately help ZTE's decision on the matter. If this pushes through, we'll see a solar Android phone by the second quarter of 2010.