Zero-emission car propelled by electricity.

Transport design student Mayeul Walser has tried to green the brand image of Alpine with a stunning new concept car, the Alpine Renaissance. With inspiration coming from a wide variety of natural sources that includes wind, the car has a fluid and modern exterior, which makes it a truly driver’s car.

Since the designer proposes a 200KW electric engine, the car had to be light in weight to make up for the dearth in power. This is achieved by integrating a carbon fiber chassis which is made visible by protruding it from the front. The body of the car is again made from lightweight fiberglass, which also gives it a glossy look. The designer doesn’t make a statement on how long the car can travel on one charge or how fast it’s expected to go, but we do expect some nice performance numbers considering the lightweight engineering of the vehicle.

Via: Diseno-Art/TDB