Kinetic energy generators make people conserve energy.

Energy is hard to come by, and we all are aware of this fact. Being aware or not, we have to accept that we’re not working according to the needs of the planet. People all over the globe are simply wasting energy in running appliances that are not being used, or not using energy-efficient appliances.

With the global demands for energy set to rise to levels that we’re not prepared for, inventors are working on ways to generate electricity by means no one ever thought to be possible. Industrial designer Jannis Huelsen is working on ways to solve both the problems with one concept he calls “Silent Energy.”

Silent energy is an interactive exhibition concept with the intention to create a positive awareness of energy. Energy is invisible and therefore we have no direct relation to it. This fact has a direct effect on our energy consumption. The exhibition sends the visitor on a journey to search for new potential energies in our everyday life.

Therefore, common activities are related to energy, to create an awareness of energy consumption. Technically the energy is gained by “energy harvesting.” Small generators or piezoceramics that are mounted everywhere from a television to a couch convert kinetic movements into electrical energy. The system not just makes people realize the importance of energy but also takes their help in generating it.