The Apple iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre may be running away with the buzz right now, but BlackBerry maker Research in Motion still leads in sales--by a long shot.

According to new IDC data, RIM has 55.3 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. Apple is in second with 19.5 percent. (At last check, Palm was still in the low single digits, but that could change markedly with the new Pre.) As points out, compared with the third quarter of 2008--just six months prior--RIM had just 40.4 percent, while Apple commanded a whopping 30.1 percent.

"The buzz about other signature devices can make people overlook RIM's success," said Ryan Reith, senior research analyst at IDC, in the article. Analysts cite RIM's business expertise, competitive pricing, and new lineup of consumer products as reason for the company's continued sales surge. One Gartner analyst said in the report that RIM shouldn't get too comfortable, because its UI is falling behind--something I'm inclined to agree with.

As is happening more and more with reports like this, there's no mention of Windows Mobile whatsoever--or, disappointingly, Android, which had plenty of promise out of the gate but appears to be stalled in the U.S. market.