Zero-emission cars powered by electricity.

Designers at the ST Project feared that low-cost EVs need to be flashier if they’ve to enter mainstream market by attracting consumers all over the globe. They’ve just unveiled study models of cars, which are modified designs of Toyota Auto Body Co Ltd’s COMS one-seater EV. The car has been resigned in two variants that include a one-seater ST1001 and a two-seater ST1002.

The designers made only cosmetic changes in the cars by lowering its height, expanding its tread and by completely changing the upper part of the vehicle making it more attractive. The fenders, the roll cages and the seats were all replaced with newer, flashier ones. The instrument panel wasn’t changed but was painted to make it look good with the outer body makeover.

Priced at $10,200, the cars would go on sale when more than 50 vehicles are ordered. Since the designers didn’t make any major adjustments under the car’s hood, the vehicle still runs for about 35Km and 45km respectively, on a single charge with a top speed of 50Km/h.

Via: TechOn