Concept ice vehicle powered by solar and wind energy.

Niklas Palm, a design student at the Umeå Institute of Design, has shared with us his latest creation, the Audi IceKraft_, which is a wind and solar powered vehicle to make your icy rides green. The vehicle has a computer-controlled sail that is connected to an electrical engine that turns the sail to the optimum position. The power comes from solar cells that are covering the entire body of the vehicle.

The driver is positioned on his stomach facing forward and controls the Icekraft_ with two handles attached to the front blades. When for example the left handle is pulled toward the driver’s body, the vehicle leans to the left and creates a carving effect that makes the vehicle turn left.

The sail can be changed from the back if the driver wants speed or power. Audi’s single frame grille design acts as front window with an overhead display that functions as a touchscreen control to monitor the performance of the vehicle and control its critical systems. The vehicle weighs just 240Kgs, which makes its green powerhouse propel it at decent speeds.