Last week General Motors reaffirmed its commitment to the Chevy Volt despite the company's chapter 11 filing. This week it doubled down by unveiling the largest automotive battery lab in the United States on
 its Technical Center campus--expanding its already significant battery research and development capabilities.

GM said in a statement that the new Global Battery Systems Lab will lead the company's global advanced battery engineering resources and help expedite electric vehicle launches--including the Chevrolet Volt, as well as future "plug-in hybrid and hybrid-electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles."

Here's hoping that GM engineers continue to nod politely at product exec Bob Lutz's ridiculous, moronic pronouncements about building green vehicles solely for their "halo effect" in dealerships, while working on the Volt at the same time regardless of what Lutz says.

(Pictured: cutaway image of the Chevy Volt. Image credit: GM)