Tesla Motors announced that it has delivered its 500th all-electric Roadster sports car to a customer in New Jersey--a philanthropist by the name of Martin Tuchman, according to Motor Authority.

Tuchman is a former automotive engineer who previously converted a 1937 Chris Craft to an electric boat, according to the article, in order to drive it on a lake where gas-powered boats aren't allowed--so he knows a little something about this whole electric propulsion thing.

As the report points out, Tesla is the only automaker selling "highway-capable electric vehicles in respectable volumes" at present. That will soon change as Chevy, Volvo, and other companies jump in. For its own part, Tesla Motors plans to broaden its range with the 2012 Tesla Model S sedan and a third as-yet-unnamed 2+2 sports car with a larger trunk than the Tesla--and possibly all wheel drive to boot.