Pedal-powered generator provides clean electricity to power outdoor events.

Organizing an outdoor event is tough, not only because of the setup that you’ll have to make, but also because of the electricity that will be required to power the entire thing. While you can easily rent a diesel generator to solve your purpose, if you are as concerned about the environment as we are, then the pedal-powered generator from “Rock The Bike” seems like a fantastic idea.

The Biker Bar, as the system is referred to by its inventors, is a pedal-powered electrical generator that allows up to four bicyclists to combine their output. The inventors believe that at peak output the patent-pending invention can generate up to 1000W of clean energy, but at normal pedaling speed 300W is what the generator churns out.

The rear wheel is what the bike uses to generate electricity, which alone weighs 27 pounds, and the bike as a whole weighs approximately 140 pounds when carrying its 36 volt battery and AC/DC inverter, which is pretty good considering the fact that the bikes haven’t been designed to race but to generate the maximum possible electrical power.