This is a computer kiosk used to control public bicycle lending. But as you can see in the image, the touchscreen is not displaying the software used for this task, but a porn movie at full screen.

It happened in the city of Zamora, Spain—where else—this weekend. For more than one hour, the movie played—in the words of one of the witness, Francisco Guarido, a baffled city official—"with unsuspected sharpness" to mixed reactions in a crowd that kept getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

Many people laughed, like the policewoman who came first alerted by the official. In fact, she couldn't stop her laughter as she alerted the police station via radio. More people and police agents kept congregating, many laughing, some enjoying with eyes glued to the screen, some scandalized but also with eyes glued to the screen, others reprimanding the city official who was there. Two old women shouted at Guarido, blaming him for the indecent show.

After an hour of public moaning, jiggling, and skirting—yes, I love my country. I hate it most of the time, but others I love it—the police agents ended the show by taping two paper sheets to the screen. Later, the company responsible for the public kiosk turned off the movie. The city official said that the security of the computer system used for this task was "fragile." He really meant "crap." [El Mundo—In Spanish]