Non-polluting jetski gets powered by electric engine.

Jetskis are considered as one of the most un-ecofriendly rides with their fuel guzzling engines ruining the marine life forms in ecologically sensitive areas of the planet. EcoWaterCraft, America’s first personal watercraft corporation is trying to change the image of jetskis, converting them into green machines for an ecofriendly adventure on the open waters. The company has developed an electricity powered Eco Jetski, which is been touted as the world’s first zero-emission jetski.

Just like electric cars, which have already started making their presence felt, the Eco Jetski is out there to prove the emission-free motorsports can be fun and adventurous. The 100% electricity-powered machine reaches a top speed of 50mph and boasts an impressive battery life of up to 3 hours.

Via: Treehugger