Cold storage facility powered by solar energy.

Perpetual Power has announced the completion of a 416KW DC solar installation on a Budweiser cold beer storage facility in Contra Costa County, California. The 2,240 panels, which cover about 60% of the 110K-aquare-foot building’s energy needs generate about 600,000KWh of energy which would result in an annual savings of approximately $100,000.

The facility, which is owned by Markstein Sales Company, now becomes one of the few facilities in the world which rely on solar energy for cooling. The panels which have been developed by Mitsubishi Electric’s polycrystalline photovoltaic system rated at 185Wp are made with 100% lead-free solder. Other than saving a handsome amount of money for the company, the solar installation will also save about 8,000 tons of CO2 from entering the environment.

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Via: EnvironmentalLeader