When machines behave deadly, they are forced to spend eternity tortured by robots like these 10 monstrosities.

SimMan 3G: Intended as an instructional aid for aspiring doctors, SimMan can reproduce human reactions like crying, bleeding, convulsions, and even cardiac arrest. And, as you can see, his intense creepiness is sure to eliminate any students that might not be able to cope. 

Cabbage Patch Spider-Bot: This DIY spider-bot takes the inherently creepy Cabbage Patch Kid and intensifies it a million-fold. [Make]

Gakutensoku: Designed 80 years ago for Emperor Showa (aka Hirohito), this robot was recently restored with a $200,000 computer-controlled pneumatic servo system. It can tilt its head, blink, smile and puff up its chest and cheeks with a system of inflatable rubber tubes. Check out that evil grin at about the 1:40 mark (*shudder*). 

Lucy: Steve Grand's infamous "Lucy" orangutan robot was an attempt at simulating the mind of a human baby.What he managed to create is an affront to all things good and holy. [image via Streeb-Greebling]

Saya: Humanoid robots interacting with children is just plain creepy—and Saya here isn't helping much with her appearance. Using 18 motors and some complex programming, Saya can express emotions, speak several different languages, take roll-call and assign tasks to her elementary school students. 

Yume Neko Smile: Intended to provide all of the benefits of owning a real cat without all of the drawbacks of taking care of a living, breathing creature, Yume Neko Smile adds the character-building element of terror that children so desperately need these days. 

Simroid: Like the SimMan, Simroid is designed as a learning aid—although the objective here is to train dentists. It reacts like a human would in most situations—except when sexually abused. Dentists trying that in the real world are often met with swift and severe punishment.

WD-2: This shape-shifting robot can quickly change faces using an array of servos and microcontrollers. It's only a matter of time before these things infiltrate human society, becoming whoever they want, whenever they want. 

Geminoid: Designed as a realistic, robotic doppelganger for Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, the Geminoid can be remote controlled from anywhere—allowing the professor to, essentially, be in two places at once. [Wired]

CB2: Quite possibly the creepiest robot on this list, Child Robot with Biomimetic Body (CB2) uses complex computers, 197 sensors, eye-cameras and 51 pneumatic "muscles" to learn like a human child. It taught itself to recognize facial expressions, follow the gaze of it's "mother" and even walk and talk. That's pretty impressive, but after looking at this video it becomes clear that the only course of action is to take it out back with a shotgun before it learns to kill.