It's the next step in creating a robot who can pass as human. Boston Dynamics, the group who brought you the creepy BigDog robot, is working with the military to build PetMan, who walks just like a human. And that's not the only thing human about PetMan.

According to Danger Room:

Its job will be to testing chemical protection clothing for the U.S. Army . . . Unlike earlier suit-testing robots, which needed external support, Petman will stand - and walk - on his own two feet.

"Petman will balance itself and move freely; walking, crawling and doing a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents," the company promises. "Petman will also simulate human physiology within the protective suit by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary, all to provide realistic test conditions. "

All we need to do is put some of that cheap new artificial skin on this guy - and maybe a new upper body there - and we've got a Terminator.

via Danger Room