Volkswagen has been known to dabble in exotic places when it comes to in-dash entertainment, and while it's latest initiative isn't totally far-fetched, it's still worth a peek. The automaker has recently teamed up with Intel in order to develop a prototype head unit that's completely self-enclosed, meaning that there's no carputer hanging out in the trunk handling the dirty work. The touchscreen-based infotainment center shown in the video past the break is rocking Windows XP underneath and gladly accepts a number of gesture-based inputs. For example, motorists can swipe down to play or pause a track, while swiping left or right anywhere on the panel moves the playlist forward or back. The project manager doesn't bother to say when this stuff will actually hit the showroom floor, but CNET has it that you'll be waiting at least three years -- and that's if you're lucky.

[Via CNET]