Photovoltaic systems capable of generating 100MW of electricity to be installed in New York.

In a bid to stick to the governor’s “45-by-15 Program”, which would provide 45% of the electricity requirement of New York from renewable sources by 2015, the state is now planning to install photovoltaic systems capable of producing 100MW of electricity at public and private facilities.

The solar power generated by the installation would power about 15,000 homes by 2015. The proposals are due by July 7, and the installations should start in 2010. Apart from greening the state, the program will also create about 50,000 new jobs. However, with the cost of solar electricity still much more than electricity produced by more conventional forms, analysts believe that the installation is likely to cost the state over $600 million, which will definitely increase the utility bills of New York residents.

Via: Reuters