In response to Peter J. Boyer's recent New Yorker piece on the auto industry, "The Road Ahead," Tom Hanks wrote in to clarify his position on EVs and describe his experience with a rare Toyota electric car. (The backstory: the documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" contained a clip of a Tom Hanks appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" talking about electric cars.)

"Peter J. Boyer, in his otherwise spot-on piece about the car industry, assumes that I once leased G.M.'s sadly fated EV1 electric car and, like other drivers of that twin-seat rocket of a vehicle, watched the emission-free car be wrested from my garage, towed away, and busted up into pieces of metal, glass, and rubber smaller than razor blades," Hanks wrote.

"However, by the time I began shopping for an all-electric car, in 2003, the EV1 had already been yanked from showrooms as if the car had never existed. Instead, I found what was purported to be the very last electric car available for sale in the state of California--a Toyota EV." Or, more specifically, a Toyota RAV4 EV, one of just over 300 sold to the public in 2003. (More from Tom Hank's letter after the jump.)