"Don't do nothing stupid." That's what Dwayne Stewart allegedly said to a man leaving the Apple Store, before he disappeared with the man's Mac. It wasn't the first time he'd done this, nor the last.

For him, Christmas lasted until January at the Prince St. Apple Store, where he spent weeks waiting for victims to walk out with a new iThing. He'd follow them, then mug them. He confessed to robbing three people over two weeks—first a 16-year-old, then the businessman—making off with one iPod and two Macs.

But old school criminals, ex-cons like Stewart, aren't quite made for the digital world. He hawked everything at a pawn shop, like stolen jewelry. Macs are not like jewelry. They've got registration numbers. Numbers that can be tagged. So when the person who bought one of the Macs took it the Genius Bar, it came up stolen, and the trail led right back to Stewart. He was arrested on May 6.

We've got calls into the NYPD for more information, but if you have more information about Stewart—pictures, records, his favorite pawn shop—or any other serial Apple jackers, let us know. [NY Post, Image: Samuel Lavoie/Flickr]