Eco Factor: Concept car designed to run on electricity.

Taking the ever increasing demand of storage space and the need to go green into consideration, industrial designer Mark Kruse has come with a concept car aimed towards the Volkswagen brand. Dubbed the Concept S, the car is a versatile, modular and affordable proposal for city dwellers.

Designed for consumers who need a large storage space but lack parking space, the Concept S can be used in three different configurations according to the needs of the customer. Removing the rear seats and a few more cosmetic changes can transform the hatchback into a truck or an SUV. What interests us most is not the unique ability of the car to be used in three different ways, but it is actually the engine. The car is designed to run on four individual electric motors, one in each wheel hub. To further reduce the load on the environment, the car will be painted using water-based paints.

Via: Diseno-Art