Make Unique Covers 

One of the greatest ways to attract an audience on YouTube is to create exciting and beautiful covers. In this way, you will not only interest fans of the particular song but also demonstrate your skills. Pick a song that is both famous and close to your heart. This will be a perfect way to gain audience attention and promote music on YouTube. 

Take a Camera and Start to Vlog
People always appreciate it when their favorite artists share with them more than just music. If you start vlogging and sharing other aspects of your life, they will become more interested in you. If you don’t know much about vlogging, you can watch a beginner's guide on how to vlog. In addition to this, you can explore different musicians who are vlogging. It will help you to learn more about vlogging.
Create Separate Playlists
Today, it is essential to create a channel where it is simple for your audience to orientate. For example, if someone came to your channel for your covers, they may want to watch only the covers. So the wisest thing that you can do is to create separate playlists. For your audience, it will become easier to find their desired content and stay on your channel long enough. 
Collaborate with Famous YouTubers 
Another way to gain an audience is to collaborate with musicians who create similar music as you do. The fans of established YouTubers will get interested in you, and hence you will promote your music on YouTube. If your channel is new, it may be hard to find famous musicians who may be interested in collaboration. So try to find someone who will also benefit from collaborating with you. For example, you can check the channel of Conor Maynard. He creates beautiful covers and also does collaborations.
Permit Others to Use Your Music
YouTube is very strict with copyright. So for YouTubers, it is tough to find music for their videos. Most of the time, they can't use famous songs because YouTube will ban the video. You can let them use your music, which will also be beneficial for you. The users will credit you, and people may like the music and visit your channel. 
YouTube is an excellent platform for musicians, and it is crucial to know how to get the most out of it. There are many talented artists, and to stand out from the crowd, you have to work hard to be promoted. We have presented to you the essential tips to promote music on YouTube, and we encourage you to start using them right now.