BIRD, a Californian micro-mobility company, was founded in September 2017 by Travis Vanden Zanden. Offering over 10 million rides! It has shared electric scooters in about 100 cities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. As per the latest stat reports, BIRD's electric scooters topped 10 million trips in September 2018.

In October 2018, the BIRD Zero vehicle was launched. The BIRD Zero design focussed on increased battery life for longer range. The lighting facility provided more visibility. The high durability of the scooter ensured a longer life span. 

Furthermore, according to our source, BIRD also launched the premium short commuting vehicle called the ‘Bird ES1-300’. It offers more power and is an extremely light electric scooter.

In November 2019, BIRD launched the "Helmet Selfie" feature to initiate safety plans to incentivize riders to wear helmets while getting into a ride with BIRD vehicles.

The latest achievement of BIRD has happened in 2020 itself. BIRD gained a rival In January 2020, which was a scooter company from Berlin.

The BIRD App
On installing the BIRD app, the user gets to see all the available scooters nearby just after following these processes: 

Creating an account.
Scanning the QR code of the vehicle.
After which, you get access to these salient features of the app:
Safely locking E-scooters after ending the ride. 
Last-mile solution with the BIRD app at an extremely affordable price.
Safety campaigns that propagate the idea of safe riding. 

BIRD's Access Worldwide 
BIRD gives Access to shared e-scooters and personal electric vehicles, and the service is applicable in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you are in some emergency or running late for work or even just for fresh air, BIRD opens the door to all for fetching their needs at the earliest with ease by helping people find their destination.

No traffic, no pollution, no jam, and no complexities. some fresh air to breathe, the open road, and a convenient, eco-friendly way to take a break and delve deep into nature.
BIRD app can be useful to ride with the allocated partners: Brum, Wolf, YoYoWay, Scroll, Skootel, Sherpa, EVOKES, Glow & Lava.

 Working Method Of The BIRD
• Downloading the app and signing up for free.
• Creating an account and scanning the QR code as usual.
• Being responsible while flying.
• Parking with care and responsibility.
• End the concerned ride.

Expanding Connectivity With The BIRD
BIRD works with major cities, universities and has partners across the world to render proper service. It provides its customers and clients with a proficient and an eco-friendly transportation option. 
BIRD complements and appreciates the current relevant transit systems and helps in the reduction of reliance on cars. Powered by electricity, the company's troop of personal electric vehicles plays a crucial part in reducing pollution, dust, and traffic. 

Let's get in touch with some tips to fly in a responsible manner.
Riding on sidewalks should be strictly avoided except the green signal from local law.
Ensuring the rider has a helmet one during the ride.
Parking allocation must be free of walkways, driveways, and access ramps.

For more detailed information, checking the website of the company to understand the road safety rules is a better option. BIRD, in some of the countries, has created unique and noteworthy designated beautiful parking spaces for BIRD scooters.

When available and applicable, users are strongly encouraged and recommended to park there.

BIRD Around The World 
With its immense popularity, BIRD is currently serving in 100+ countries with spectacular service. One can quickly get their nearby available BIRD scooters at the website itself by unlocking the vehicles by the mobile itself, which knows the location via GPS.

BIRD's chief competitor at this very stage is American Lime that provides dockless vehicles to the cities of Indiana, California, and Florida.

However, the company is planning to launch its own scooter, ‘BIRD.One’ which is going to increase its bandwidth among the world.

BIRD Now Launching Its Own Scooter Named BIRD.One
People are more likely to own an electric scooter rather than having them on rent. The fact is, BIRD is launching a new scooter model to purchase. Named as, it will be available for ownership as well as shared use. 

"BIRD One builds on the benefits and learning of BIRD Zero and is forecasted to last in the sharing environment for well over a year," says the CEO Travis Vanden Zanden. He further added that owning an electric scooter is exciting for sure and that they are opening options for everyone.

The model has a battery designed to last twice as long. It shall cover a more extended range and shall last up to four times longer in the shared space. It's an essential vital specification which throws light on the fact how it's enormously hard to gain functional unit statistics with shared electric scooters.

Cost Of Model 
The model is more likely to cost $1,299. BIRD will be featured in three different colors, where pre-ordering services are available. People can pre-order it now and get it done easily very soon. 

In the last few months, noteworthy aggression is coming out from the BIRD. It has been vehemently trying to pave a remarkable way in the worldwide scooter market. 

This February, monthly rentals in Barcelona and San Francisco were introduced by BIRD. This program allows people to rent scooters for a month worth $24.99. It also excludes the limit on the number of rides. 

A regulative process for sharing scooters is followed in San Francisco and Barcelona. Hence, BIRD's delivery program is a very satisfactory and neat way not to be grossed away by any regulation. 

BIRD is clearly working to be the best provider for electric scooters by directly selling to clients or monthly rentals, irrespective of how often people are tempted to use them.