Whether you’re a business trying to increase your conversions or an individual trying to create an influential brand, Instagram is one of the best platforms for you. Being an Instagram influencer who charges for sponsored posts is a comfortable and rewarding way to make a living. The average price of a sponsored post is $300—an attractive sum for anyone. 

A sponsored post typically involves a very popular brand endorsing the products, services, and/or general brand of another business. They come from the same audience base and speak to the same groups of people. The paid endorsement can mean thousands of followers if you play your cards right! 

If you want to be an influencer or grow your brand, seeking your own sponsorships is a smart way to go about it. With the right plan, you too can use the power of influencers to grow your brand. Here are five tips for getting sponsored. 

1. Build Your Following 

You might be thinking to yourself: I’m trying to get sponsored to grow my following. Why do I have to do it before that happens? Well, followers mean a lot in the Instagram world. It often indicates to other account holders that you’re a worthwhile investment. 

You see, Instagram influencers have a mutual desire to grow their brands alongside yours. They won’t do a sponsorship just for the paycheck. If they want to keep their following and do more paid endorsements, they must be picky about who pays for the endorsement. 

Most influencers will check your bio before determining if you’re a good bet. Along with posting amazing content and proving that you’re a hard-working brand, they’ll also look at your follower count. The higher the followers, the better chances you have of earning that sponsorship. 

Since you’re already investing the time into a paid sponsorship, you likely don’t want to overwhelm yourself with other prospects. Boost your following quickly with purchased Instagram influencers through a site like https://viralrace.com/buy-instagram-followers. It can give your brand the boost it needs to earn an endorsement and generate more organic engagement. 

2. Know Your Audience 

Influencers are obviously very skilled at maintaining a brand. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have tens of thousands of followers. To get to that point, they had to understand a very niche-specific audience and cater their content to them. They’ve maintained their following through the same thorough understanding of their audience. 

Influencers will look for paid gigs from accounts that understand their audience just as well. They’ll offer sponsorships to those with similar audiences in a non-competitive industry. So the better you know your audience, the better chance you have of earning the endorsement. 

You’ve likely spent ample time trying to understand your audience but take a closer look. Identify their likes, dislikes, values, and long-held beliefs that influence their decisions. Know what brings out the right emotions and how to captivate their attention.

Then, choose an influencer with the same audience. If you’ve truly done your research, it will be clear that you’re a good match for a sponsorship. 

3. Pitch Paid Sponsorships 

Sometimes, influencers trying to increase their business will reach out to brands asking for their business. When this happens, it can feel like a privilege to be approached, and the return on your investment can be amazing. 

But that doesn’t happen very often, especially if you’re looking at influencers with 10,000 followers or more. So, take matters into your own hands and pitch an opportunity for a paid sponsorship from an influencer of your choice. 

You’ll want to create a long list of potential influencers and pitch to multiple. You won’t get responses from all of them, but if you send out a dozen pitches, chances are you’ll get at least one response. 

Curate a pitch that clearly establishes the mutual benefit of a sponsorship. Outline who you are, why you’re seeking a sponsorship, and the achievements that make you worth their time. Include data that establishes your success like your engagement analytics and follower count. The right match it out there, and your pitches may help you find it sooner rather than later. 

4. Be Authentic 

Influencers look for many qualities in the brands they choose to sponsor, and authenticity is at the top of the list. All social media platforms demand an authentic brand, but Instagram seems to be the gold standard of it. Followers won’t abide a fake brand, and influencers won’t risk their reputation on an inauthentic brand. 

Be yourself and stay on brand. Don’t try to develop content and ideas that aren’t your own just to impress an influencer. There are thousands and thousands of influencers out there, and you don’t have to fake it to find them. 

5. Return the Favor 

When you’re soliciting influencers to sponsor your brand, it’s good form to return the favor and give a glowing endorsement of their brand in return. Right now, with your small account, it may not seem like much, but every follower counts. It shows a sign of good faith that you’re willing to return the favor and endorse your sponsor back. 

Remember that you won’t be small forever. With the right endorsements, your Instagram follower count can double, triple, or even quadruple overnight. In short order, you could be an influencer yourself. 

Don’t forget those who got you where you are. Take a few moments to return the favor and give a shout out to your sponsors. This can generate lasting relationships that will continue giving and giving.