Most parents get concern if their child becomes glued to a screen, more or less if the reason they are there is a video game. It is true that too much of something can be poisonous, and video games are of no exception. But if it is done in moderation, it can be of great benefit to the child’s or even an adult’s well-being. 

Studies have shown that whether it is cars games or golf game simulation or dancing competition simulation; can be of great benefit to the player. And today we shall share some of the practical lessons you may learn from participating in virtual video games.

1.    You Learn To Utilize Your Resources

Majority of these virtual games entail the use of specific resources for one to increase their mastery and skill. For instance, a dancing completion simulation requires one to move as instructed on the screen. And if the player’s body movements match the simulation, the player is gifted with points, is awarded extra moves and gets to move a level higher. But in the case, the movements do not match, and then they suffer the consequence of their level lowering, losing points and starting all over again. No one likes to lose. 

Therefore, one will give up at nothing; utilize what they have to gather the points to move to a higher level. Subconsciously this skill is carried even to real life. You find your child not giving up to grow better in their studies or sports in real life, utilizing the resources they have to become better.

2.    You Learn To Follow Rules

For things to run smoothly, we need rules. All fundamental aspects of our lives have simple guidelines that are meant to keep us in check so that we don’t land into trouble. Virtual video games are no exception. Before you get to participate in a game, you need to peruse through several rules that are aimed to score you a win. But if you decide not to abide by them, you face consequences that may not favor you. You lose. It is human to want to do things our way, but if you do not follow the rules, it produces results not favorable to our liking. Hence through gaming, you adopt an attitude to follow laws. 

3.     You Learn To Be Focused

You can never do a good job if you have no concentration or focus on the task at hand. You may be skilled at it, but if you lack focus, the results tend to be shoddy.  The fortunate thing about video games is that they give a platform where a player stays alert so as to score some points and climb a level higher. Although most parents complain that this ‘being glued’ to the screen is a bad thing, it teaches your child to remain focused so as to complete the task. Hence parents can borrow a leaf from this and encourage their kids to focus on their studies or talents just like when they do on video games to become better. And considering they have experienced it while playing a game, it becomes easier to apply it in real life.

4.     You May Master A Skill

People, who participate in skilled based video games such as music related or art related games, for example; tend to master this skill faster than one who learns from scratch. For example, a person who continually plays a virtual piano game becomes familiar with the whole set up of a piano beforehand, and when they get to pick up the task in real life, it becomes easier. The virtual familiarization is essential as it Implants into a players mind even if they are not doing it in the actual sense. It serves as a platform of practice. 

The same applies to car games where a player becomes familiar with the simple layout of a car that once they get into one, they have an idea of how it is worked. It should not come as a shock to you that your child might know a lot about the airplane's cockpit without them ever stepping into one, just because of a video game. You never know, they may even discover what they would like to pursue in life only from participating in a video game.

As seen above, video games can be of great benefit to a person’s mind. You should therefore, set time aside that you and your children get exposed to such games that build you both mentally. If done in moderation, the results will surprise you. Keep gaming on!