Do you have a plan to sell your computer or laptop? There are several things to do before doing this action. Aside from checking the entire condition of the device, you also need to make sure that your files or data secured. You can backup them all into another laptop or hard disk. 

But if you ensure the important data has been backed up, it seems no matter to erase them all. The next question is; is there any product or software that is able to erase the data faster and securer? The answer is yes. Many similar products are available outside indeed and one of them is DoYourData. DoYourData is known as the comprehensive data erasure software and it is compatible for all types of data erasure. So, what are the features available in the software and the benefits? Check them out.

Complete Data Erasure
You may not have too much time to erase the data per disk. In other words, in a limited time, all the data in your computer must be completely deleted only in minutes. DoYourData provides the feature anyway. After activating the software, you can completely erase the data in a Mac computer, hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, RAID, server, digital device, and other storages only in some easy steps. Before activating this feature, make sure that the important data have been saved in another device.

Complete All File Format Erasure
There is a problem in terms of erasing certain file formats. Yes, some types of formats are difficult to erase normally due to the components inside. Besides, it is impossible if the files have been affected by viruses or malware. Then, you must do some other actions before completely erasing them all. Maybe, you need to scan or format files first. By using DoYourData, such a thing should not be experienced anyway. You only need to come to Erase All File Formats feature. After some clicks, those files can just be deleted.
Formatting Mac’s Hard Drive

It is a common knowledge that the system in Mac is a little bit different from the systems applied in other OS. Meanwhile, the users of Mac are also basically fewer than the Windows’ users and others; if we talk about the worldwide users. That’s why; it is somehow quite difficult to get a type of qualified Mac data erasure software around. DoYourData has a product that is intended especially for Mac. You can erase them whether completely or only on some storages. Some types of storage that can be simply formatted and wiped using this feature under the Mac OS. Even the inaccessible one can also be cleaned in a very easy way.

Internet and History Cleaner
Despite the files in the storage, you may want to delete all the data or even history in the internet browser. Sometimes, it is not enough by uninstalling the app. So, to make this area look completely new, you can also utilize this type of software. Are you interested to download and install the app? Visit its official site at DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac.