Digital marketing is a vital part of many businesses’ marketing campaigns nowadays. One of the duties of a digital/ email marketer is collecting emails from different businesses and potential clients ands ending them persuading emails to convince them in buying their product. But ensuring a quality delivery of the marketing email is very vital towards the overall success of your brand in the long term. This is where the role of email verification comes in.

Email verification system is more like an extra layer of security added to your Email marketing campaign. Some of the roles of an email verification system is making sure that the email your send to masses is free of any typos and other minor errors. It can also scan your email list for dormant emails and knock them out to improve your deliverability score. Here are some of the benefits of the email verification system.

1. Prevents Hard Bounces:

A hard bounce occurs when you the emails you use are either closed by the users already or contain typos. This can impact your deliverability score pretty badly. Email verification systems like TheChecker allow you to periodically scan for dead emails and knock them our of your email list to refresh it, it also replaces the old emails with new ones to increase your audience.

2. Spam Complaints:

The spam complaints problem can happen with every business. This mostly happens when the email list you fetched is not completely relevant to your niche. An ideal span score is 0.1%, no one can achieve this, but email verification systems are proved to help a lot in this regard. They automatically check for the emails that have a history of more spam complaints and block them to prevent being reported as spam.

3. Blacklisting:

Servers can auto detect inefficient or spammy email marketing campaigns and blacklist them. This step can prevent your messages from being delivered to the servers. The blacklist might remove you after sometime, but some are permanent.

To minimize your risk of being blacklisted, you will have to do a lot of things with your email marketing lists. Another thing is that google never emails you that you’ve been blacklisted, so, it is advised that you check the deliverability and other factors on a daily basis.

Some Additional Tips to Keep You Data Clean:

Here are some of the additional tips that you might want to adhere to to increase you chances of getting more sales.

Always choose a trustworthy and proven data providing partner to work with you. Also, keep away from those greedy data brokers, because the data they’ll sale you are likely to be very old and has already been sold many times over.
Revisit your core email list on a regular basis, scan for inactive users and remove them. Replace these emails with new ones to keep the marketing thing going.