You may have come across the legacy credit card and may want to know whether it is worth a try. In short, it is always better to have a quick analysis and comparison to make sure you are walking the correct way. Therefore, here in this article, a review is provided for your better judgment. Take a look and decide wisely. Let us get started. 

A detailed analysis

Analyze a detailed overview of a legacy credit card. Here it goes.

Annual fee:

It is billed at $6.25/ month which is likewise $75 annually. This is comparatively a bit higher than other competitors.  

Annual Percentage Rate:

Another negative aspect is the high APR. It is 29.9%. A high APR is like a night dream for individuals with financial instability and piled up loans.

Low Credit Line:

The credit ranges from $350 to $1500, which is again dependent on the credit balance. 

Optional Cardholder Programs:

There are two schemes under this optional cardholder program. They are-

There is an option of premium club membership. This membership will avail you discounts on medicinal bills, eating out, entertainment bills, booking hotels or renting cars. For this, you are liable to pay a sum of $4.95 every month. If you are someone who has spent a good amount on the above expenses, this membership plan will be extremely beneficial.
The next programme is the payment protection plan. For this, you have to pay $0.89/$100 from your monthly balance. It helps in making the minimum installment without adding the late fee. So, if you feel that you might not be able to pay the installments on time, this is the right thing for you. Again, there is a catch here. You have to provide a qualifiable reason as per the criteria. These include disability, medical leave, unemployment, military leave, etc. 

The minimum amount to be paid

If your credit balance is lesser than $30, then there is no minimum balance applicable here. In that case, you have to pay the full amount. However, if the credit balance is greater than that, then you have to either pay $30 or 4% (whichever amount is greater.) Or else, you have to pay 1% of the credit balance along with the late fees and interest. It might appear a bit complicated. But once you get the trick and show some responsibility, everything becomes easy.

Additional Charges

There is a list of additional charges that may be applied to you, in case you are held responsible. Have a look.

You have to pay $25 as late fees.
For returned payments, again the charge is $25.
You will be charged 2% for cash advances, and the minimum is $20.
The last one is the authorized user fee which is optional. For this, you have to pay $20.

If you were looking for Legacy Visa Credit Card Review at PFA, the above-mentioned section would help you in this regard. To get a credit card, you must have a good credit score. Hence, a legacy card may help you to improve your credit score.

Want to improve your credit score?

Having a decent FICO rating is the thing that promises you the capacity to purchase a home, a vehicle, and even meet all requirements for specific employment. In any case, money related difficulties frequently keep individuals from getting and keeping up a decent FICO score. At the point when this occurs, Visa organizations regularly divert them down from getting credit lines, making it difficult to modify credit. The Legacy Visa Credit Card issued by the First National Bank provides individuals with another opportunity to remake their credit. 

Not at all like a verified charge card - The Legacy Visa gives cardholders a genuine credit extension, instead of expecting them to deposit an underlying store. The organization is liable to certain expenses onto the principal bill, for example, a yearly expense and different prerequisites, letting go just a little credit line accessible for buys. As this parity is squared away, the credit may extend for now the client will have demonstrated their financial soundness.

Who is eligible to apply for the same?

The Legacy Visa charge card is unfortunately not for everybody. This card is explicitly made for the individuals who have the urgency to better their FICO assessment. Or you can say it is for them who were shown the door by other Visa organizations for the absence of a good credit score. On the off chance that you are searching for a card that will provide you with the benefit of owning a credit card while enabling you to expand your financial soundness, the Legacy Visa Credit Card might be a decent decision for you. 

Do You Need to make a deposit?

Not at all like verified Mastercard, there is no question of underlying stores essential while being endorsed for the Legacy card. Your cash will stay in your pocket as long as it is the ideal opportunity for you to make an installment. Remember that underlying charges will be set on your card, without you having to make any purchases. You would want to square away these parities rapidly to free up your credit line of crises or buys. 

Does it have any charge?

Yes, there are yearly expenses associated with utilizing the cards, which is counted up on your card endorsement and acknowledgment of a Mastercard offer. These yearly charges will recharge every year on the same date as your credit card creation. Extra administrations, for example, travel protection, cardholder protection, etc. that has the potential to secure your credit on the off chance that you become crippled and fail to clear your bills. And, also different contributions of the organization will have different expenses, also, will be calculated on the card, which is again dependent on the time period. 

When you plan to apply for a Visa card, make sure you read all the terms and conditions. You must only proceed when you are confident enough to make the monthly payments regularly. The failure to which will be penalized.