Whether you own a brick and mortar store or an eCommerce marketplace, engagement always matters in order to sell products. While you can work on the strategy of product placement on your offline store, the online store can only be advanced in terms of engagement by improving its homepage design elements. The homepage is the landing page of websites in most of the cases. And that is the reason why individuals always consider the whole website’s quality according to the design made on the homepage. Intlum and many other proficient eCommerce website design companies pay an immense attention to design the homepage of the marketplace websites.

According to Vendasta, 85% of the overall website visitors leave a website owing to a poor design which is absolutely astounding! So, think how many of your website visitors have gone elsewhere due to the insufficient website design that you currently have! So, you always have to keep one important thing in mind – visitors are going to leave your site unless you make it engaging enough.

If you are planning to start your online store (especially a marketplace), one of the primary aspects that you have to consider is the homepage design. In order to make your journey easier, we have come up with some examples which can offer you a fair idea of how the homepage design should be like.

Ecommerce Marketplace Examples for Homepage Designs

Following are the examples of some of the most significant homepage designs. Every web designer and web development company should pay attention to the homepage design as it will convert the users into the potential customers. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the main topic.

Artisan Born – Customized Furniture Website

Artisan Born is an eCommerce marketplace with a focus on customized furniture selling. You find everything that could be found in a furniture marketplace on this website. It works with utmost efficiency and offers a homepage design that takes care of almost every necessity in a marketplace website such as instigating visitors to locate experts for the custom requirement, purchase furniture, and check the new designs. You can find an array of handcrafted furniture to pick, thanks to the powerful content on the homepage of Artisan Born.


Below are the points we found to be the fortes of Artisan Born.

Simple Navigation: With the help of a drop-down menu on every category listed on the navigation, the site offers an easy way to find any product. The sticky navigation is also a plus.
Personalized Product Recommendation: Buyers may not be entirely sure what to buy! In that scenario, Artisan Born’s section of recommended product can be a tremendous help to discover what buyers actually want to buy!
Clear Images: The product images and banners are crystal clear on the website which increases its user-experience and comprehension.

Wiser Community – Service Marketplace Website

Wiser Community is one of the rarest and interesting online service marketplace websites in India. Wiser Community focuses on the senior citizens and the site offers multiple options to its users which make the site incredibly alluring and valued. These are such adored options that the site offers: Wiser Community will help you in discovering an accommodation with elder-friendliness, meeting the other elders who are online, care or assistance services. Now, as we have listed Wiser Community in our list of the most impressively designed homepage containing websites, let’s take a look at this one’s strengths as well.


Following are the strengths or fortes of Wiser Community. These fortes, in our opinion, make the site stand tall amongst all.

Excellent Linking: All the links placed on ‘Above the Fold’ of the website’s homepage are extremely relevant. You can find all the links on each of the services leading to the individual services page without creating any clutter.
Clear Comprehension: The comprehension is one of the most vital segments of a website design. And Wiser Community has nailed it when it comes to the comprehension. The ‘How It Works’ section provides a detailed and clear statement which helps users understand the whole procedure. On top of all, there’s an embedded video which makes the learning easier.
‘Latest Activities’: The latest activities section on the homepage helps people find out their activities such as who joined them, upcoming meetings or events and much more things which increases the trust factor for the website.

Furniture Spot – Customized Furniture Website

Furniture Spot is the marketplace where the talented furniture designers get a platform to showcase their talent. It is a custom-made marketplace for selling furniture. So, the website’s innovativeness can easily be understood. They also contain a homepage where loads of elements are there which flaunt the website’s efficiency and that’s the reason why Furniture Spot has acquired the third place in our list. Now, as the earlier ones, we will also take a look at the fortes of Furniture Spot.


The following fortes of Furniture Spot make the website different and approachable among the other websites in the same category. So, let’s find out the strengths of Furniture Spot’s website’s homepage.

Design: The simple and clean look with a minimalistic design on the homepage makes the website one of the most attractive and usable destinations for the buyers. The grid-style design on the homepage makes it a perfectly crafted page for the user experience.
Above the Fold: The Above the Fold of the website’s homepage creates a great amount of traction for the site. The carousel banner slider displays their own fascinatingly designed furniture. Moreover, the images are high-definition which increases the user engagement.
Search Option: The search option of the website helps any potential buyer to search for their products without much hassle which is amazing! Alongside, the filtration options narrow down the choices of the potential buyers which is great for conversion.

Final Verdict

Being a website owner, you should always be aiming at having a website that sells. Also, a web design company would love to craft the designs that make conversions. In order to achieve these results, the homepage design will certainly play a pivotal role. As you have seen above, the businesses and their websites mentioned above include the homepage designs that play an important role in the quest for success. So, make sure you are also taking your homepage design to the next level.