The future stands in the hands of artificial intelligence. As technology is advancing, the scope of artificial intelligence is widening drastically. 

Apart from the stereotypical careers on can imagine, there is a bright future for one's planning to pursue artificial intelligence and machine learning

If you are passionate about computer science and robotics, this post is for you. Let’s see how you can convert your passion into a prosperous career option.  

Knowledge of Computer, Physics, and Maths 

To start off with, you need to have a grasp on computer science, Information, and technology. This requires understanding the computer language from an early age. 

It is also crucial to extract the dynamics of machines for which one needs to have a clear understanding of physics and maths. 

Make sure you are well versed with these subjects from childhood. These are key disciplines you need to be strong on for future learnings. AI and ML are all a byproduct of these subjects.  
Learn software application 

While there are numerous branches of artificial intelligence, if you want to focus your career on machine learning you would need to have a clear understanding of software like Python, C++, Java and other machine learning libraries. Understanding of businesses, data analysis, and overall mathematics is key.  
Choosing the right AI career type 

There are subcategories in the field of artificial intelligence. Few named: 1. Research scientists and engineering consultants 
2. Algorithm specialists. 
3. Computer scientists and computer engineers 4. Software analysts and developers. are, to say the least. Once you have zeroed down to a particular career type, gain insights into the same and kick-start your career.  
Learn Deep Learning 

It is mandatory to understand deep learning as a part of artificial intelligence. Phds and course in deep and machine learning are steps you can take to capitalize on AI. Deep learning is at the core the essence of artificial intelligence. All that artificial learning is, about the network of neurons that intertwine to develop predictions. Deep learning is what makes it possible.  
Industry Internship 

Apart from higher studies, field experience is also an important factor to learn machine learning and AI. Companies like, Google, IBM and more than practice and develop AI can be very insightful. 

Gaining experience from such organizations can give you a hands-on knowledge of AI and ML functioning. Again, it completely depends on what segment of AI you choose to develop your career on. Example- is all about machine learning and hence, you'll be able to learn more about it than anything other segments of AI.  

No study is easy and neither is artificial intelligence. Developing a machine learning system may take years of practice and learning. 

Patience is they to success with artificial intelligence, cause you don't know if all the time and energy you put in will give 100% result. AL and ML are all permutation and combination at its core. These career options are more to do with passion if you are not passionate you won't be able to sustain.