Everyone and anyone want to increase views and engagement on Instagram these days. Because of the new algorithm introduces by Instagram, people are not getting enough engagement on their organic posts, and it mostly focuses on paid content that get the most popularity. We have some hacks and trips that will help you get more views and tackle this problem. Even though engagement now on Instagram is much different compared to how it used to be but what matters is that your content is engaging enough, and if you don’t get as many likes that is fine too.

Instagram Stories

Start with engaging with your current followers if you want to increase views on your Instagram page. You can create a good fan following by using the Stories Highlights option. Create a bunch of different categories that you feel like will be liked by your audience. This will give them a chance to learn more about all that you have to offer which will allow them to engage more. This can be done by sharing different recipes everyday, or posting outfit of the days, etc. It all depends on the kind of influencer you are at the end of the day. You can even mention your highlights in your posts and encourage the audience to go look at them, because they might not even be aware of it.

Other features   

You heard it here; Instagram does favour those accounts more that use all of the features. So you won’t be getting any luck if you just post pictures and videos. You can create polls on your Instagram stories, that will enable users to engage with your account. Keep trying Instagram’s newest features since they are always coming up with new ones. You can even consider switching to a business profile. You will have access to more features if you are a business account like:
being able to add links, that will increase more traffic, 
being able to tag your products
having the option of scheduling your posts that will automatically get published.
boosting your posts with paid Instagram ads 

Alternatively to boosting posts with Instagram Ads you can boost your engagement with social media marketing agencies like BuySocialMediaMarketing and buy Instagram views with gauranteed results which make these services much more affordable than Instagram’s Ads.

Post on the best time

By scheduling your posts, you can make sure to post on the peak engagement hours. Not only will this save you time, but this will give you more time to do other things like commenting and liking other people’s posts from your brand account. You should strongly consider switching to a business account because the scheduling feature will only be available on that. The Instagram algorithm also cares about how fast you get engagement so this means you should post on hours when majority of your users are online. 

Posting frequency

Just like the time is important, how frequently you post is also just as important. Instagram’s new algorithm does not allow posts to pop up, and they sort of disappear after a while after they are posted. So this means you should post as often as possible that will help you to increase engagement.