Parental control app is a very helpful tool. It allows you to find out what your children have been doing on their phone without or with having to physically access their phone. Unfortunately, not every parenting spy app is created the same. If you want to give the best protection for your children, you have to be very careful in choosing the app. Here are some features that you should look for when choosing the best parenal control spy app.

Parental Control App with Excellent Remote Monitoring
The most important thing about a parental control app is its remote monitoring system. Before you decide on an app, make sure to check how it is used. Is it convenient to use? Will it leave any traces in your children’s phone? Will you be able to access the data easily?

If you want to know how a great monitoring system works, you can give iKeyMonitor a try. The monitoring logs can be sent to your email, which means you can access it from any devices. If you want to receive all the logs and screenshots without size limitation, the logs can also be uploaded to FTP and even online server.

SMS, Messenger and Call Log Spy
Little kids’ behavior can be influenced easily by their surroundings. This is why it is very important to know who their friends are and the people that usually chat or talk with them on the phone. Unfortunately, sometimes kids are reluctant to tell these kinds of things to their parents. This is why spy app is very important.

This app will be able to access the messaging applications and call logs on their phone. It will make monitoring your kids’ smartphone activity much easier. If you notice that your little ones have been communicating with suspicious people, you have to take actions as soon as possible.

Screen Time Limiter
A parental control app is more than just a tool to monitor your children’s online activity. If your kids play games all the time on their phone and refuse to study, you also can use this app to help them focus more on their study. This is because the best monitoring app comes with screen time limiter.

You can set a schedule to automatically turn off the phone when the study time comes. When the app turns the phone screen off, your children will not be able to use the phone at all. This way, they won’t have any choice but to put their phone down and do their homework. You also can set a specific time to turn the phone again, for example after your kids finish studying. It can be a reward for your kids and encourage them to study.

GPS Tracking
A parental control app also should come with GPS tracking. And iKeyMonitor meets the requirement perfectly. With this feature, you can find out the current location of your children. If your children are lying to you and heading somewhere to play instead of going to school, you will be able to know about it before their homeroom teacher calls you about it.

iKeyMonitor has one of the most remarkable GPS features. It can show you the map history of the spied phone including the completion date and time stamp. Besides tracking the whereabouts of your kids, this feature also can be used to track a lost phone.

Be careful in choosing the app to monitor your kids. Make sure it has all the necessary things to protect them, and most importantly, it should not blow your cover. With the best parental control app on your hand, your children will be able to use their phone and access internet safely.