Amazon is recognized as the largest online retailer. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model is also increasing in demand and there are good reasons behind it. Its foundations are the same as ecommerce business but rather than the orders being fulfilled one by one, Amazon stores the products for you and takes over the process of picking, packing and even shipping them to the customers on your behalf. 

This has made business operations much easier without worrying about packaging of materials, storage in warehouses and so on. Since the labeling is private, an individual brand and website can be created increasing value of your business. 

The FBA model

FBA business model allows business owners to take benefit of Amazon’s strong distribution network and customer base. Since most of the operations are taken over by Amazon, other important aspects can be looked over in more detail by business owners. 

This means that entrepreneurs can focus more on finding product opportunities and Amazon will rest the major portion on your behalf. Typically, ecommerce businesses have to look over the logistics of sending products to customers on time. With FBA, most orders are shipped within two to four days.

Another common challenge for an ecommerce store is listing and inventorying. With this model, all that needs to be done is ship the products to Amazon’s warehouse and company will take over from there. Amazon customer care can be utilized in case any problem shows up.

How to run this business from home?

In order to get this business model set up, an Amazon seller account needs to be created. Go to the website, look for a heading marked ‘Make Money with Us’ and then click on the link that states, ‘Sell on Amazon’. 

If you are planning to run your business in long-term, then consider signing up as a professional which would cost you a subscription fee. Other than that, the process is pretty straightforward. Follow the instructions and you will get the account. 

The most popular way to leverage this model is through private labeling. The basic concept is to create a brand or label, apply it to the product and sell it on Amazon. First of all, conduct product research to make sure you are selling the right product. Analyze the market and figure out the product where competition is less. Identify the product you have chances to improve upon.

For private labeling, you need capital. Ordering them may cost you a lot of money but you can build an asset along with this which can later be sold. 

Retail arbitrage is another popular way to earn money. It means buying a branded product and flipping it on Amazon for profit. This is an ideal way to make money, however, in the short term. 


This is how Amazon can used to earn money from home. Although setting up the model is easy, finding ways to grow up the business is pretty challenging. Look out for the resources available and make the most out of it.