It is very simple to create an account in wordpress account but getting more number of views and followers for your account is pretty hard. The premium packages of the word press allow your voices to speak higher but are they mostly outspoken? 

Don’t worry if your answers are positive or negative. There is a better way to bring more attention to your site and that can happen with the help of notification bar.

What is notification bar?

Just like stars, the usage of smartphone count is keeping on increasing. We all get notified by the smartphone for important news or tasks. Likewise, your site can grab the attention of people with the help of notification bars. The present level of notification bars is stunning they do not just notify they turn the user into a follower of the site. To keep a high set of attention on your site, try to use the 10 Best notifications bar WordPress Plugins for developing your site in a short time.

1.     Superbar
Superbar is one of the modern bars which attracts the z generation and millennial generation people. This is completely dedicated to customization of the first to last option on the list. Some of the benefits of this bar are sorted below
·         Search better
·         Quick options to move
·         Recent posts bar
These are just some of the items which are revolving around the superbar which can bring the attention to your site.

2.     Announcement bar
If you have a good post, then announce it with the help of announcement bar. This is one of the trending bars which are used by many professional users of word press. It can work for the posts and easily announce the tasks on specified time. The announcements can be scheduled with time management and that is the specialty about it.

The user can simply align the text in different positions without any issues. It is very simple for people to pick their kind of fonts. There are multiple colors and styles for bringing up your new announcement either in the form of widget or sticky bars. This is one among the popular plugin which is loved by most of the people.

3.     Apex notification bar
The apex notification bar will surely bring engaging information to the users. It attracts the users in various ways. It is very simple to use and it has got some of the user-friendly features. The apex bar has got 15 pre available designs for grooming the notifications. There are ample of elements in the notification bar like
·         Countdown timer
·         Posts title slider
·         Search form
·         Contact popup
·         Tweets feeds

These are just some of the available items and people can easily use it for convenient usage.

4.     Hello bar
Just say a simple hello to your users in an elegant way. The hello bar is one of the best ways to easily interact with users. It is not so annoying and just catches the eye of the users in a flip. It has got various colors options which you can prefer. Right from light colors to dark ones you can choose what suits the theme of your site. The hello bar is very simple to use rather than others. It is just simplicity personified for the users.

5.     Fluid notification bar
It is one of the easiest ways to bring the watcher into attention. It has got a visible image of the closing button and so many fancy animations. The bar has got lots of buttons which the user can add up for bringing up the attention of users. The bar is specially designed for attracting the users without disturbing their usual attention of browsing.

6.     WP notification bar
This bar can be placed either at the top or bottom of the window. The bar appears with seconds counts. The position can be fixed to stay sticky on screen. It can process shortcodes and open URL within seconds. This is one of the best bars which can grab the attention of users within a limited time.

7.     Speed contact bar
This bar is dedicated to smartphones and tablet users. It is more cozy and classy for smartphone usage. The contact data is complete and people can simply fix the necessary data on the top of the screen without any issues.

8.     Notifier
People are getting used to this bar because it is kind of different from regular ones. There are 3 different pre-stored styles and 8 different screen positions are available for this bar. The options and features are available in plenty for the notifire bar.

9.     DW promobar
The DW bar is based on the countdown timer. It especially tells the user how much time is left out. Even this has got lots of features and the special one is supporting the timing count. A complete control is established with this bar.

10.   Royal footer bar
As the name itself predicts that this bar is placed at the mere ends of the window which makes the user to look into notification and browse in an undisturbed way. Split testing is available in the bar and complete admin control is given to the bar.

These are just some of the bars which are available for notifications in word press.