2016 is starting to draw to a close, so what should we expect from smartphones in 2017.

Augmented Reality

Made popular with Pokemon Go, augmented reality is bound to crop up on plenty of other apps in 2017. Apps and games are likely to make use of this idea to bring us all kinds of new ways of interacting with our phones.

More Location-Based Services

These are only going to rise. More apps are going to use your location to generate content. Whether that is information on your surroundings, games or something we’ve not even thought of yet. Location-based services are only going to increase.

Virtual Reality

As mobile phones begin to run faster they will be able to run applications like virtual reality better. VR can be experienced through Google Cardboard and other similar services at the moment, but we can expect bigger and better things from phones regarding VR. Who knows what is going to be used in VR next. It could be anything from a game like Temple Run to casino apps for Android.

Faster Chips

Phones will need faster chips in order to do things like run VR and as such graphics will smoother and other applications will run faster on 2017 phones. A new Snapdragon chip has been announced and will likely be built into some premium Android smartphones.


2017 is going to see the USB-C replace the micro-USB 2.0 port in Android devices. This new USB form is more versatile and allows for quicker charging, can be used to connect mobiles to monitors, headphones, flash drives and external storage devices. This simple change is going to entirely alter how we use our phones.

Quicker Charging

Thanks to the new USB-C we will see faster charging of mobile phones.With smartphones being able to carry several hours of battery after only being on charge for 5 minutes.


We have been able to purchase additional storage for phones for a long time and have often needed to as the internal storage is sometimes lacking. Well in 2017 we are going to see more phone models with internal storage that that can top out at 1TB. Likely we’ll see more that are a lot less than this, but it is definitely something to aim for.


Protecting the data on your phone has never been more important and 2017 is going to herald a new age of increased protection for phone users. More apps are going to come with built in security measures and we should all be thankful for it.