Let's face it; tyres aren't an exciting car-related topic to talk about. From afar, the look of one tyre is no different to another. Their sole purpose is to keep you safe on the road. So, I believe that reason alone is one why tyres are a good topic of discussion!

Another reason is the fact that tyre technology is coming along in leaps and bounds. Today's tyres are more resilient than ones manufactured just ten years ago. Premium brands are more affordable to the masses. And new tyre features help motorists save money on their fuel costs too.

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So, what does the future hold for tyre technology? Well, I'm afraid I can't predict the future. But, there are some things tyre makers are researching behind the scenes. Here's an insight into what we might expect from tyres sold in the future:

Airless tyres

Part of any car owner's weekly maintenance ritual is to check the air in their tyres. The thing about today's tyres is that air usually escapes through them, albeit at a slow pace. Outside factors like heat can make air dissipate between the tyre and wheel rim.

Some people recommend filling tyres with nitrogen, akin to what racing car teams do. But, you have to pay money for nitrogen. And it's not readily available.

Tyre manufacturers are looking into the possibility of making airless tyres. That's right; there will be no more need to check your tyres for air in the future! That means Yokohama tyres of the future won't need air checks on a weekly basis.

Another advantage of airless tyres is you don't have to worry about blow-outs.

Tyres that change colour as they wear

The thing about car tyres is people seldom check the tread depths on them. We lead such busy lives these days; we don't usually have the time to carry out such inspections.

Sure, tyres that are low on tread may get flagged up during a service, for instance. But, if you do a lot of mileage each year, those vital checks may not get done soon enough.

One idea is to have tyres that change colour when the tread depth gets low. They could perhaps turn red to signify the need to get new tyres. Such a feature is a great visual way of maintaining one's tyres, don't you think?

Smart tyres

Although they provide a crucial safety and comfort function, tyres are quite dumb. They are, after all, just a band of rubber and other chemicals. Future tyres are likely to become smart, believe it or not.

It's quite possible we will see tyres fitted with chips that can wirelessly "talk" to our cars. Those chips can give our car's ECUs and sensors vital road handling statistics. They way, we could, in theory, enjoy more comfortable and safer driving.

Silent tyres

It can be annoying to pay lots of money for new tyres only to find they are noisy at high speeds! Companies like Continental are looking at ways to make our future tyres silent.

So, what else do you think the future will hold for tyre technology? Do let us know what you think!