You've seen these apps before but you've not once used them the whole duration you've had your iPhone for. From the Apple crap like Stocks and News, it can be an eyesore as it takes up real estate on your phone's screen. But wait, now there's a way to get rid of them!

YouTuber videosdebarraquito discovered how to make them all go away. First, put the app into a folder. Then open the folder, and press and hold the app until it jiggles.

Drag it to the next page in the folder.

And then move the app again to create a third page in the folder, indicated by the dots at the bottom.

Once that's done, tap the home button without letting go of the app.

DUNZO! It's gone!

But wait...if you power down your phone and restart it, the hidden apps will re-appear again like a nightmare.

Check out how to do it here: