We may not have flying cars and teleportation and interstellar space travel just yet, but we're getting there. And this is proof that the future is either already here, or is just around the corner. Tech is advancing at such a rapid rate!

1. We now know what Pluto looks like:

2. Wheelchairs that can go upstairs:

3. Phones that can bend every which way:

4. Highlighters that take notes in real time:

5. Cooks using holograms to learn:

6. 3D pens:

7. Printers that run line by line:

8. Make 3D prints of your unborn child:

9. Prosthetics look like this:

10. Special effects, too:

11. Everything you could ever need lives in one place now:

12. Augmented reality sandboxes:

13. Automatic nail machines:

14. Robots can solve Rubik’s cubes:

15. Hoverboards exist:

16. A glass box that tells you what the weather is outside:

17. Concrete can do this:

18. Gestures control everything:

19. Tattoos can be removed easily now:

20. Memory cards can store everything: