Now that we are in the middle of November, it's not long until we start the ritual of buying Christmas presents. In fact, some of us have probably started doing their gift shopping already! We all know that Christmas is a time to spend with one's family.

For kids, it's also a time to expect all sorts of weird and wonderful presents! If your children are into technology, you'll have to get them something related to that. But, what gadget gifts do you think they might like?

Sure, some kids will tell you what they want for Christmas. But, as it sometimes the case with children, they'll request presents that are out of your budget! The good news is there are plenty of tech gift ideas for kids that need not cost the Earth. Here are a few examples of what you could get them:

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3D Pen

Printing three-dimensional stuff is all the rage these days. Your son or daughter might have asked Santa for a Makerbot for Christmas. But, if you can't afford to get such a present, how about the next best thing?

The brilliant thing about 3D pens is that they help to unleash a child's creativity. Now they are no longer confined to drawing on paper. They can make their designs come to life with an easy to use 3D pen!

Instant Camera

Remember the days before digital cameras? We all had to use film cameras and get the snaps processed by a photo developer. These days, we all use digital cameras. Even the mobile phones we use have them built-in!

Of course, one memorable way to take photos is to use an instant camera. Companies like Polaroid still sell instant cameras. You don't have to go anywhere to develop each photo - it does it for you! Instant cameras are a fun Christmas gift for boys and girls alike.

Remote control helicopter

Another technology-focused gift idea is the remote control helicopter. They work in a similar way to RC cars: you have a control to direct where it goes. Except the "toy" flies in the area rather than driving on the ground!

If your child is new to RC choppers, it's worth showing them how gyroscope helicopters work. That way, they won't end up smashing their new present after just five minutes.

Arduino Beginner's Kit

Does your child have a love of all things computer-related? Have they tried their hand at programming? If so, one thing you could do is get them an Arduino Beginner's Kit.

It has everything they need to make all kinds of weird and wonderful inventions. You never know; they might invent something that could make them rather wealthy. At least you won't have to worry about paying for their college education should that happen!

USB Turntable

Let's face it; some kids love music more than they do technology. Still, that doesn't mean you can't get them something that mixes the best of both worlds?

Why not get them a USB turntable for Christmas. They can use a computer to mix their favorite records, for example. And it means they will carry on the tradition of playing vinyl music.